Forever Grateful for the People of Rockwall County


Discover Rich Krause’s vision for Rockwall County in our video collection, where he addresses your questions and outlines his focused plan for a robust, conservatively-grown future as your County Commissioner for Precinct 3. As a dedicated public servant with extensive community experience, Rich pledges transparent governance and informed decisions critical to managing our county’s resources, infrastructure, and public services. These videos also shed light on the essential role of the County Commissioner, guiding you through how Rich’s strategic leadership can preserve and enhance our cherished community values and natural beauty. Join us to see how Rich aims to reinforce the pillars of integrity and conservative progress that make Rockwall County an exceptional place to live.

Video 1 Topic: My mission and vision

Video 2 Topic: What does a County Commissioner do?

Video 3 Topic: Experience

Video 4 Topic: Financial Goals

Video 5 Topic: Promote Growth & Preserve Community

Video 6: Public Safety and Infrastructure